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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use Your Platform?

You must create a Wallet before you can use our platform (as a New User). Or Login as an existing user.

Then, You can pay your bill in any of the following two ways;

Option 1: "Pay With Bank Card"

  • Select the service you want from the services list (example; DSTV, MTN Data, etc)
  • Put your transaction details. And Click on Continue
  • Then, click "Pay With Card" (you will be directed to the Interswitch site for the safety of your card details)

Option 2: "Pay With Wallet"

  • Create a Wallet
  • Fund the Wallet (using your Bank Card)
  • Select the service you want from the services list (example; DSTV, MTN Data, etc)
  • Put your transaction details. And Click on Continue
  • Then, click "Pay With Wallet"

Advantages of Creating a Wallet

Your Wallet will be authomatically credited if there is any transaction/payment failure. 

How Do I Create or Register My Wallet?

  • Click on Login/Register, then select Customer Login/Register
  • Click on Signup as a New User. Then, enter the required details.
  • A notification will be sent to your mail or phone number.
  • The registration is free.

How Do I Manage My Wallet?

After Login, click on the Red Circle Button on top of the screen. Then you can explore your Wallet menu.

How Do I Fund My Wallet?

You can fund your PayEasy Wallet via any of the following options;

1. Pay Online with your Bank Card

2. Online Transfer or Bank Deposit into our account, while we credit your wallet instanly. Kindly contact us via e-mail, whatsapp or web chat to get our bank details.

PayEasy Earn-Easy

This is our business promo system that allows our online customers to earn income on every transaction they make. It also has the following benefits

  • NO Bank Card charges
  • NO Registration Fee
  • NO Special Training
  • NO Minimum deposit required
  • Get Receipt for every transaction
  • Earn Income bonuses when you refer other people to the platform

Are My Card Details Safe?

Yes, your card details are safe. Your Bank Card Payment is handled by Interswitch secured Webpay payment gateway, and you will always be directed to Interswitch page before puting your card Details. Additionally, every data on PayEasy.NG platform is SSL encrypted for maximum safety.

What Are Your Cards Options for Payment?

MasterCard, VISA card and Verve Card.

Do I Pay Additional Fees for Using your Platform ?

Some Services require additional charges and some do not. This will be displayed for you to see before making the payment.

What Happens When I Mistakenly Recharge a Wrong Number?

This rarely happens because your service details will be displayed before you continue with the payment. Anyway, if such happens by mistake, please kindly contact your service provider for any reconciliation.

I made a Payment But I have Not Been Credited?

This rarely happens. But if it does, the amount paid and the charges deducted will be credited back into your PayEasy Wallet immediately.

More so, you can always contact us if you have any complain in using our platform.

Can I Transfer Money From My Wallet to Another PayEasy Wallet ?

Yes, you can. Just login into your Wallet and click on Send Money.

I Forgot My Password, can I Retrieve it?

Yes you can. Just go to Login, then Customer Login and Forget Password

I Can’t Login

Contact our customer service by clicking here, OR Whatsapp for any assistance.

What is Refer- a - Friend and How does it work?

Our Refer a Friend is a program designed for our customers to be rewarded by earning points when they invite their friends and f amily members to our platform. The points earned are later converted to money and credited into the Wallet via Redeem Point.

Note: Both the Inviter and the Invitee get points.

To Invite a Friend, just  login into your Wallet. Then click on Refer a Friend and follow the screen instructions.

To Redeem your Points, just  login into your Wallet. Then click on Redeem Points and follow the screen instructions.

How Do I Become Your Channel Partner

To become our Channel Partner and earn more extra income, kindly contact us by clicking here to fill the contact form. Or by sending mail to: service@payeasy.ng