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Mobile Pos
PayEasy.NG adopts two types of Mobile POS Devices setup options to give the Channel Partners (that is, the Agents) the choices of cost affordability of the devices. The Mobile Device Options are;

1. Using PayEasy Handheld POS Device. It is called PayEasy Super Box, a portable handheld android device with inbuilt printer to print receipt for every transaction.

2. Using PayEasy Handheld Bluetooth Printer with Any Android Device. This option costs less as you just get a PayEasy Bluetooth printer and use with any android device of your choice to start making bill payment transactions and be printing receipts for the same.

These devices are basically for two categories of people:

1. Our channel partners (Agents) that will need to be printing receipts for the transactions made for the customers.

2. The customers that want to be printing receipt for the transactions they make by themselves.

Note: Our Channel Partners enjoy attractive profit margin on every transaction they make.

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